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Art Prints to Buy

: Reproduction prints of Roy Ward's art available to buy.

The Wellingborough Watercolours

An opportunity to own a unique view of Wellingborough's history in a limited edition of four specially commissioned watercolor reproductions.

Many peoples' view of today's Wellingborough is of the Swansgate Centre or the big new estates on the edge of town. But there is a rich and varied history to Wellingborough involving Kings and Queens, monks and noble men, leaving behind some unique and notable historical landmarks.

The Golden Lion
The Golden Lion, Wellingborough
The Arcade
The Arcade, Market Street, Wellingborough
Hatton Hall
Hatton Hall, Wellingborough
The Tithe Barn
The Ancient Tithe Barn, Wellingborough

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Well known local artist Roy Ward has now captured some of Wellingborough's historical landmarks - Hatton Hall, The Tithe Barn, The Golden Lion and The Arcade - Market Street, in a unique set of four beautifully painted watercolours.

And, for the first time, he has decided to allow a limited number of high quality reproductions to be made and released to local art lovers and historical connoisseurs.

Only 995 reproductions of each Watercolour will ever be produced. These limited edition prints are available from the artist (see Contact page for details on how to contact the artist) or from The Castle, Wellingborough, at a cost of 10 each or 35 the set, unframed. Mounted and framed at 30 each or 100 the set. The prints are 10"x7.25" on a sheet size of 12"x9.25" and all four prints can be seen displayed, mounted and framed, at The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough.

A Word from the Artist

Roy Ward, popular Northamptonshire artist has been painting in Watercolours for many years. The individual style and quality of Roy's paintings has meant that his work has become highly valued and sought after.

Indeed, Roy has recently said "It is very gratifying, as a professional artist, to have people collecting your work".


Tue 25 Sep 2018
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